PlacePress: Google Maps + WordPress (Plugin and Theme)

PlacePress is a WordPress plugin and theme that allows you to easily create your own map-based website.  I have put it on Github here:

With PlacePress, you can add "places" (shapes, points and lines) to your posts and create a dynamic map for your users can explore.  While your users are reading your posts and browsing your map, they can click on three icons that will allow them to focus on your map,  posts, or images.  Users can also search for place names and post content.

How it Works

PlacePress uses Google Maps's Drawing Library and Google's Places API to allow you to add points, shapes, and lines to a WordPress post.  For single points, you can select one of the markers I made, or user your own.

When viewing the public side of your site, the sidebar does most of the work.  When users click on a place marked on the map, or listed in the sidebar, the sidebar shows them several things:

  1. Place Name
  2. Post Title
  3. Post Excerpt
  4. All images from the post

Users can also browse through your site's content without using the map by using the icons at the top of the sidebar.

The marker icon on the left, when clicked, shows the map for the content you are currently viewing.  So, for example, if you are looking at a category, it will show all the places for posts in that category.

The second icon from left will display a list of posts (if you are on a category page, etc.) or the body of the post if you are on a single post.

The image icon second from the right will show all the images (except featured images) for the content you are looking at.  Same as before, if you are looking at a category, it will show you all the images in that category.

The magnifying glass icon on the far right opens a search box that allows you to search the content of both posts and place names.


I am thinking of this as a beta version.  If you would like to download PlacePress and test it out, you can do so at Github.  There are some incomplete installation/configuration instructions in the readme.txt.  I will be adding to those shortly.

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